our history


Progress is paramount in the growth of every organization. As a company we have had our own share of swift growth and we are glad to share the smooth details with you.

2019 –

Consistent Innovation

We are constantly thriving to improve services and products we offer to our clients. We leverage on modern technology to help our clients cut down on downtime while saving tremendous cost.

2017 –

Training and Development

We believe at Seatrak Engineering Ltd. that human resources drive our company and so we have spent the last few years training our staff and equipping them with trending skillset to handle the modern challenges our clients deal with every now and then

2016 –

Expansion and Transformations

Over the years, we have grown. From moving to a fully owned company office to getting our first turnkey project, we believe we have gone through the mill to get to where we are

2013 –

Opening Our First Branch Office

Where the dream all began. In our bid to be the go to firm for client's engineering solutions, we founded this company